About Ian Cue, the Coach

Hi, I’m Ian Cue. I am a Mindset Coach passionate about helping those ready to commit to change. I've been improving peoples’ mindsets for over ten years and still enjoy helping people change their thinking so they can be at their best. Whether a predicament has hit your business, sport or personal life, I can help you break through the dreaded anxiety cycle to gain powerful confidence and self-belief. So you can move forward and grow into the best version of your authentic self.

I have had a love of wolves for a long period of time. Wolves work in packs as a team, which resonates with me when I think of the best teams. Not only is the way that wolves work in a team inspiring - the strongest helping those in need - but also the way they teach their pups to learn to fight alone. This way, they grow up strong. I feel as though this is forgotten art in our culture. Although it's nice to have support, the fight is up to the individual. The day-to-day regulating of the stress and anxieties of the world is the responsibility of the person experiencing them.

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“The Wolf’s Clear, Intelligent Eyes Brushed Mine. The Wolf is Gentle-hearted. Not Noble, Not Cowardly, Just Non-fighting.” – Lois Crisler

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